Don’t believe anyone!

On the 30th of January 2020, I’d been praying, and then I went on the internet for something. I ‘stumbled’ across an article – first published in 2006, called ‘Serving Effectively in the Face of a Pandemic

The world had faced the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003 and the article covered lessons learned from that pandemic – in order to prepare Christian ministry staff for future pandemic events.

Here’s the conclusion of the article:-

The best way to get into position for a global pandemic is to intensify our work on what we should already be doing anyway – improving our relationship with God, our local partners, those we serve, and those who support us.

This is a no-lose investment of time and energy. If the pandemic materialises, we’re ready to shine. If it doesn’t, we are stronger and more mature, ready to shine.”

Pandemic materialised

Well – the global pandemic did materialise – making the above words very relevant indeed – to Christians!

But what about those who don’t know whether there is a God or not? What are they supposed to think? There are so many different ideas about who or what God is. Who should we believe?

Intellectual manipulation

Well –  my answer to that question is – don’t believe anyone! If my words, of themselves,  could convince you of what I believe – then I would have failed you badly. It would simply be intellectual manipulation.

What I would much rather do – is to explain how you can experience God’s presence in your life for yourself. The thread that runs through it all is that God must do it! He must reveal Himself. He must teach. He must guide. He must comfort. He must allay fear. He must impart His love into your heart. This is personal – and it needs to be in these troubled times.

Hello, I’m Eileen Fletcher

I’ve been researching and writing on nutrition and health for 45 years.  And – as Christian for 40 years – I’ve also been  writing about spiritual health.

So I feel that I have helpful insights – on the health of body, mind and spirit – to offer at this unprecedented time.

On my web site, Food For Thought – I write about immune-enhancing nutrition – so important in preventing or reducing the effects of infection.

Know for yourself

On this web site I write about the immense benefits of knowing God for yourself – not because someone else has convinced you – but because you have experienced His presence and power for yourself.

There was a time when I was vehemently anti-Christian – out-arguing people who tried to convince me otherwise. I was determine that no one was going to tell me what to believe!

So what happened?