Dear God

I dedicate this blog to you and ask you to make it your own. I want to praise your glorious presence in my life and tell of your ways – of how you drew me to you, then led, guided, taught and transformed me over the years.

And yet it’s not about me – it’s all about you. It is my desire to glorify you –  to tell of your beautiful heart, of your immense love, of your irresistible power. I want to demonstrate that you answer prayer in order that your glorious presence may be seen. It’s my desire to draw hearts to your heart.

In all I write on this blog, let your glory be my aim, the satisfaction of your lovely heart my desire, my heart merely the instrument through which you can express your heart to a broken and lost world.

My prayer

Dear God, my words are just words. They have no power of their own. So I ask you to make them powerful to touch hearts. Let your glorious presence appear to all  – and prove that you still love to demonstrate the love that took Jesus to the cross and the power that raised Him from the dead. Bring others to delight in you. Set hearts aflame to worship you.  Amen

Eileen Fletcher


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